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Gabion Price Match policy


At Fine Mesh Metals we’re proud not only of our comprehensive service of online designs and knowledgably custom service from sales staff that have worked with the field for over 20 years. But as we’re the main manufacturer in the UK we’re also proud of our Prices. You have come directly to the source and our prices should be cheaper than those found anywhere else in the UK, even against companies that import direct from outside Europe, with lower standards in welding and coating. That being said we will PRICE MATCH any like for like quote on our standard range of gabion baskets. We require proof in terms of an original quote and a full size and thickness specification. ***


*** Please be aware It has come to our attention that many of our competitors are quoting “nominal” 3, 4 and 5mm wires. What they are actually supplying is panels made from 2.8, 3.8 and 4.8mm wire thickness to make themselves competitive. Which they deem within tolerance. This may not sound a lot but in terms of weight/strength of materials the reduction is 13%,10% and 9% respectively. 

 Furthermore, the baskets that we supply as nominally .5m are actually the industry standard 533mm (21 inches or 7 squares). Our competitors are reducing their sizes to 450mm (1 square less) again 15% less material. They weigh 27 % less when filled and would not suffice in relation to the standard designs on our website as calculated by our geotechnical consultant.

All our panels are European manufactured where we can be assured of high-quality manufacture and welds. The panels are assembled  using stainless steel clips in our Shropshire Factory.

Many of our competitors now are buying in their baskets premade from South America or the Middle east.

We only price match based on exactly the same specification size and thickness and only on the standard gabion sizes listed on

Price match only applies to delivery zones 1&2, see here for areas covered


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