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Gabion Installation Instructions

There is no need to dig a foundation, all the baskets need is a firm base that they will not sink into. Make sure the ground is compact which can be done by compacting hardcore into the leveled ground if necessary. The fill should be of a gradient of 100-200mm as the aperture of the mesh is 75mm, you don't want rocks coming through the mesh or to leave voids in the baskets.

Flat gabion basket showing c clips positioning

All gabions come Flat packed we attach all the panels together with stainless steel clips. the example to the left is a 2m x 1m x 1m.

There is also a partition in the middle of this basket which is clipped in as well.

multiple gabion basket wall design image

Using the lacing wire supplied lace the corners of the baskets tying the ends off with a pair of pliers. There is no need to lace the sides already clipped. Next lace the formed baskets together as shown with the blue lines on the diagram. There is an easier way if time is of the essence. You can purchase helicoils, which are long springs that you wind down the corners of the baskets. These springs attach the front and side panel of a basket and its adjacent panel in one go. You only need 2 springs per basket and 2 extra for the end of a run (in the case of 1m cubes). You don't need lacing wire for the sides when you use this method. The springs are more obvious than the lacing wire.

gabion basket - inserting a brace

When filling the baskets it is necessary to insert a brace in the middle of the basket. This is important to stop the face bulging when filling. The higher the wall the more important this is as the more force exerted on the face. 1/3rd fill the basket and then create a windless which are the red ties in the diagram to the left. Make a loop from the back to the front of the basket and join the ends with pliers. Put a sturdy flat stone in this loop and turn in circle creating a tourniquet effect which pulls the front tight. Fill on top of this which will hold the stone in place. Repeat 2/3rds of the way up. Finally lace the lids down with the lacing wire provided. Remember to attach all higher rows to the lower ones as well.

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