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Rana Begum: The space between.

on Thursday, 23 February 2017. Posted in welded mesh, Gabion


Begum's artworks and installations take inspiration from the geometric patterns associated with Islamic art and architecture – "I grew up reading the Quran and praying five times a day, so that repetitiveness is instilled in me," she explains – and from contemporary cityscapes: "the clashes of colours, forms, and the way the light changes things."

Begum uses different scales and materials to experiment with the way shapes interact to change the viewer's perspective. "People are always trying to find some kind of narrative [to my works]," says Begum, "but the initial response I want is to the colour, the light, the form – not to me." Unrelated to gender, religion and culture, her pieces exist in splendid isolation.

Her use of robust, industrial materials is often at odds with the ethereal lightness and fragility embodied in her works, a dichotomy that is ever present in her practice. Begum's works bring together moments of calm and exhilaration, their open-endedness allowing the viewer a sense of the infinite. In a new large-scale installation No. 670, 2016, created especially for this exhibition, sections of industrial steel-mesh fencing are arranged in a massive maze-like structure that invites visitors to walk through it and physically experience the sense of infinity bound within the geometric repetition of its architectural configurations.


Watch the video to see Rana introduce her work.

Adrian's Immaculate Modern garden entertaining space

on Tuesday, 07 February 2017. Posted in Gabion

With an eye for design Adrian has cleverly transformed his back garden from a difficult to use sloped area into a modern entertaining space. Utilising clean straight lines and cleverly mixing materials, (including 2 types of stone infill) we think he has achieved a spectacular result. The gabions function both as a retaining wall, to flatten out the lawned area and as a framework for the seating area.

modern back garden





Transformation of sloped back garden

Andy's chicken palace and unobtrusive chicken fencing

on Monday, 17 March 2014. Posted in fencing system, aviary, Animal Cage

This Blog shows how a rat proof chicken run 8ft x 12ft x 6ft high was built and how in an awkward situation the green multipost system was used to create a free ranging area.


The completed run with front door for human access to clean house and give food. The back access hatch is for the girls to gain access to their free ranging area. The back access hatch is closed before dusk to stop rats entering the pen.


Some old tree stumps were used to create a play area where there afternoon corn treat is left. The gate is padlockable. The mesh is a 1inch by half inch (2.5x1.25cm) apeture which stops all but very small rodents from getting in, the wire thickness is 2mm (14g). The finish is galvanied then black powder coated.

Click here to ee a video of this cage


The construction:


The cage was put behind a garage (the back wall could have been used as one side of the cage). The ground was prepared with gravel and woodchip to stop weeds.

A soffit vent mesh was placed down to stop the rats digging under. Another way to do this would be to have a mesh base, however the soffit mesh has been used to save on cost. Normally the soffit mesh is laid after construction but due to access constraints this side was put down first. A hole had to be cut in through the laurels which was lined by 3 2ft square aviary panels to create a tunnel to the free ranging chicken run.


A 4 ft gate is put infront of the tunnel and the panels are bolted together. Making sure to put anything larger than the gat in the area before ithe chicken cage is fully constructed.


These photos show how the soffit mesh slightly overlaps the cage edge before its covered with the gravel woodchip and soil. Making sure that the mesh is totally covered as the product is sharp. Soffit mesh folds easily and keeps its shape


This is a photo of the chicken known as Jasmine using her hatch. Its worth noting that the chickens had no problem working out this system and were back in their house before dusk on the day of construction.


The hatch leads to the first free ranging are. As can be seen from the photo above the 2 inch 2.2/3.1mm green fencing mesh is non obtrusive. A gate is also put in the system to gain access. All these items are stock items. The mesh in this case is 5ft high, 6ft would be preferable to stop foxes. In this case the chickens roost in the fir tree lower branches. In the unlikely event a fox gained access to the run they can use these trees for shelter.


At the top of the run behind the vegetable plot another access hole has been made through the beech trees to give the chickens access to a large free ranging area made again using the multipost system and a 25m roll of green mesh.

Andy Beard

Cages used in zoo

on Tuesday, 30 April 2013. Posted in aviary, Animal Cage

Castle Howard window seat in regency diamond.

on Monday, 10 June 2013. Posted in decorative mesh


This is an example of Regency diamond in Brass 25mm all floral rossettes and a brass mesh backing used as a fill for a window seat at Castle Howard.

Andy Beard


on Wednesday, 17 June 2015. Posted in cat run, Animal Cage

Thought I would send you a photo of the cat enclosure now it is up!
As you can see, we had varying heights both from the door then onto the grass plus the patio floods in the winter so we wanted it to be raised anyway so the sleepers were used.
We are delighted with it - the girls are out in it happily now and they are safe which is the most important thing.
We may add to it in the future but for now we are very happy with it.
Thank you for your patience but as you can see - the levels and size needed to be right!!!!

cat run on sleepers


Chris' gabion Seating and Firepit, using sleepers for tops.

on Friday, 01 May 2020. Posted in Gabion

An example of Gabion Seating around a firepit in a country setting.

The Gabions are in 4mm, cut down to 381mm high. They had to be shorter due to the thickness of the sleepers. The Sleepers were clamped down by fixing a piece of timber under the lid, at either edge of the basket, upwards to the sleeper.

The gabion basket under the table  was 457mm high again with 100mm sleepers on top.  The sleepers are separated by 8mm to stop water pooling in the surface.


To prepare the sleepers, they were sanded with 36 grit then 60 grit before finishing with 3 coats of Osmo Decking Oil.








cleverly designed cat run connect by overhead tunnel

on Thursday, 15 February 2018. Posted in cat run, Animal Cage

A cleverley designed cat run allowing the cats to get to a larger outdoor area using an overhead tunnel.





Update with cats home and play things in position.

cat outdoor play pen

cat run clever design

David's Curved gabion wall protecting against river erosion.

on Thursday, 21 March 2013. Posted in Gabion

curved retaining wall using gabion baskets

David's curved retaining wall set on a solid footings, curve created on site using extra panels. This shows what possible even with difficult access.

people installing a gabion wallbuilding a retaining wall with gabionsgabion wall in construction imageretaining wall construction imagehigh gabion wall in constructiongabion wall next to a stone wall

Andy Beard

Dog runs: customers happy dogs in their Pens

on Monday, 25 November 2013. Posted in dog runs, Animal Cage


Please find attached a photo of the dog cage I built last year using your panels.

I have a large unsecure garden and was having great trouble preventing my dogs from escaping.

The cage was constructed on both patio and grass, as the dogs prefer using the grass for toilet purposes.

As you can see in the photo, the dogs can access the house via the dog flap in the door.

Your panels are of a very high quality and I am very pleased with my project.

It has been much admired and I can now go to work knowing that O.B. (Golden Retriever), Ned (Black Lab) and Maisy (Dalmation) are safe.

Best wishes

Lois Brereton



Hi Chris

Thought you might be interested on Millie's day house. It's a 6x3 double door pent roof shed with one of the doors cut in two. The 8x6 enclosed run consists of your 4ft door panel, a 4ft panel to the front side, two 4ft panels on the rear and a 2ft panel and 4ft panel to the end. Green mesh cover provides shade in summer.

The enclosure has been up for three years now and the coating shows no sign of corrosion. This is the second position we have used it in and found the fact it could be simply unbolted, moved and reconstructed a real bonus.





Our sons cockapoos love the run.




Here are a few of Jenson in his day pen.

Can we also say the pen is fantastic, does everything we need and Jenson loves it. Easy to construct and well built.


Si Lundy


Andy Beard

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service

on Thursday, 04 April 2013. Posted in aviary

owl aviary

The Tawny owl was struck by a car in East Sussex in December 2012. He had a nasty blow to the head which caused serious trauma to the owl’s eyes.  The rehabilitation process has been a long one to ensure the bird’s eye sight in good enough for flying, hunting and catching food.  This owl will be released back to the wild once fit  and well.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) is a front line rescue service to help people who find sick, injured and orphaned wildlife across East Sussex.  The first group was formed in 1996. Up until then Trevor Weeks, one of the founding members of East Sussex WRAS, was paying for veterinary bills and expenses out of his own pocket since 1985.  As he became better known, the number of calls became greater and the cost of his rescue work grew. 

In a need for better funding and help to cover rescues and so tired from being on call responding 24 hours a day, East Sussex Wildlife Rescue was started. It was not until 2005 that East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) was formed with its first group of trustees and directors as a registered charity (No 1108880).

WRAS covers a large area and works with 11 different veterinary practices. One of WRAS’s main concerns about veterinary practices is the stress levels of wildlife whilst they are admitted. Dogs, cats and parrots to name a few of the animals which can cause noise as well as humans activity which causes stress to wildlife casualties which are trying to rest, relax and recover from their injuries or illness. However this recovery will be slow in such stressful environments. To counter this stress WRAS has set up a Casualty Care Centre at Whitesmith on the A22 between Hailsham and Uckfield.

The Centre is capable of taking in up to 125 casualties at a time depending on the range of species in care at the time. The Hospital has a treatment room, three hospital rooms, an indoor room divided into for indoor pens and aviaries, a prep room, volunteer rest area, store and cold room for acclimatising animals like hedgehogs before moving them outside.

Every year WRAS received between 2-3,000 calls for help. Some of these are purely advisory calls, others need the response on site of one of our ambulances. On site WRAS’s rescuers provide vital first aid to casualties starting the care right at the beginning at the rescue location.

WRAS has four veterinary ambulances. These vehicles move around but are normally based at either at Whitesmith, Uckfield, Polegate or Stone Cross. At night time at least two of these vans are available at any one time.  The ambulances carry a variety of equipment, from ladders, various nets, stretchers, first aid kits, dog graspers, swan hooks, and much more.

WRAS ambulances have been involved in numerous rescues including helping to deal with a seal trapped in a nuclear power station, an albino deer with its antlers caught in a rope swing, a badger stuck in a disused swimming pool, a fox trapped in a drain, a bird caught up on a chimney, birds flying round inside a house, run over hedgehogs and much more.

Founder Trevor was recognised for his dedication to Animal Welfare in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2012 where he was awarded the MBE, Trevor and the work of East Sussex WRAS has also been recognised by the International Fund for Animal Welfare Animal Action Awards, BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey Community Heroes Awards and the British Animal Honours Awards 2013.

On average it costs WRAS £75 to be on call for and respond to a call-out. The vans, the mobile phones, veterinary bills, equipment stored in the vans etc are expensive and need replacing on a regular basis.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS)

Reg Charity 1108880

24Hr Rescue Line: 07815078234

owl in aviarywildlife and rescue aviarywildlife aviary

Andy Beard

Ellen' retaining wall and driveway

on Wednesday, 17 July 2013. Posted in Gabion





We bought the banking at the side of our house in February 2013 and as you can see it was overgrown and we wanted to create an additional parking space (the bricked area). We thought about building a dry stone wall but decided against it due to cost and the fact that others would have the benefit of seeing the wall and we wouldn't. We looked in to gabion baskets having seen them used around our area for various projects including a retention wall by the local water authority. We thought they were a very good alternative and would also provide a habitat for wildlife, something we were keen to do.

We did a search on Google and found your website and found it very helpful and informative. We measured the area we had to cover and were able to use your website to gauge the best way (and cost effective way) of creating the wall that we wanted. We live near a local Cemex Quarry and arranged to order sugar stone from them to fill the baskets. We arranged for Dean to come along, dig out a base for the baskets (and that was also an advantage that we did not have to put a concrete base in), the baskets stood on solid ground. We used the digger and many helping hands to fill the baskets and wire them up and we used the coils to join them together. They created a very solid base for us to work with. When I say we, I mean John my husband and his father David. The next thing was to level the earth on top of the baskets and then decide how we were going to create the parking area. We decided on block paving, so hardcore was laid with a sand base and then the bricks were laid. John also installed some steps down on to the parking area. He then grassed the rest of the area (around the elderberry tree and we sat back and waited for the grass to grow, it took some time due to the late Spring/Summer but has now flourished.   John then decided to top off some of the baskets with Indian flags and then erect fence panels to create a private area. We now have tubs of trees and plants on top of the flags and it has made a fantastic area for us to use. I have to confess that we don't use it to park our car on but use it as a patio area. It has been fantastic in the recent sunny weather and has been much admired by neighbours, family, friend and passersby. I am now the proud owner of a sun bed, my first in 30 years as I now have somewhere to sit out and soak up the sun.









Andy Beard

Expanded mesh jukebox repair

on Wednesday, 20 March 2013. Posted in decorative mesh, expanded decorative

decorative expanded mesh

For years I have had the insides of an old jukebox sitting in my shed.  I recently found images of what it looked like in its heyday I decided to make a case for it from scratch.  I needed a metal mesh to finish things off and found exactly what I wanted at Fine Mesh Metals.  Delivered in no time and here we have it.  Shove in a 5p coin and rock on.

jukebox repair mesh

Andy Beard

Fencing mesh to keep in an escape artist!

on Wednesday, 20 March 2013. Posted in welded mesh

hisky fence

Leylandii, husky escape-artist re-homed from Battersea, lots of rolls of 7ft weld mesh, more 3 metre 4 x 4 posts than you could wave a stick at, (posts were pressure-treated timber but bottom 3ft creosoted for good measure), between one and two bags of Postfix™ per post, ground-line for each 12.5 metre run levelled very carefully (to avoid problems!), weld mesh securely clamped to first post and unrolled along scaffold boards using bungees round posts temporarily, only stapled to posts when happy with line. Decorative Bamboo rolls resting on 2 x 2 and fixed to 2 x 1 battens cable-tied to weld mesh and screwed to posts where possible.

 Fence preparationunrolling welded meshFencing gatewire mesh fencing with bamboo

Andy Beard

Fox proof boundary fencing

on Wednesday, 20 March 2013. Posted in welded mesh

fox proof fencing

Fox Proof Boundary Fencing Fine Mesh Metals 30m light welded mesh rolls of netting provided the ideal solution for fox proof boundary fencing for a small wildfowl collection. 3ft x 1 inch x 12G wire netting was dug about 1ft into the ground with 4ft x 1 inch x … G wire netting on top overlapped by an inch and attached by a single wire with clip rings giving a total height of approximately 6ft.   A stabilising wire, also attached with clip rings, ran along the centre of the lighter gauge top wire netting. A single electric wire was attached along the top of the fence and another about 1ft from the ground. Heavy duty wooden fence posts were used on this wetland site, much of which is under water during the winter months. The different gauges and mesh sizes available from Fine Mesh Metals made the ideal suppliers for this strong fencing, at the required height, which keeps all but the smallest rodents out and the smallest ducklings in.    The large stock of light welded mesh rolls with size and thickness variations make Fine Mesh Metals the ideal fencing suppliers for the poultry, waterfowl and wildfowl industry. 

duck mesh fencewire mesh fencingboundary weld mesh fencing

Andy Beard

Framing Decorative mesh, Whats Possible.

on Friday, 22 March 2013. Posted in decorative mesh

Decorative mesh framed

This Page shows whats possible with framing. Its not cheap but gives a very clean look. This is especially useful when you cant bead the panels in. For instance if you have an air vent.

brass grill framedbrass grilles framedbrass radiator grill framedbrass framed radiator grillesbrass mesh for door infill

Andy Beard

Gabion Bridge support

on Monday, 09 September 2013. Posted in Gabion


photo of our rescued and restored footbridge (12' span) over our little stream supported by your gabion baskets. (due to be re-assembled week commencing 8th July - our holiday project - pray for good weather) This bridge has been swept away by floodwater four times now and each time we have been able to retrieve the bridge downstream so with the help of your gabions it will not be going anywhere in the future.

I am so grateful to Helen for all her patience and knowledgeable advice -please pass this on to her.

All the best

Sue Catterson


Andy Beard

Gabion drinks bar, mesh and pebbles

on Wednesday, 15 July 2020. Posted in Gabion

Gabions drinks bar using cutom sized 2 inch mesh gabions and pebbles.




Gabion parking area by Chris Ryall

on Thursday, 10 January 2013. Posted in Gabion

Gabion wall Chris Ryall

The gabions were perfect for the job I needed and very competitively priced. As a DIYer, the design and installation instructions on the website came in very handy too

Gabion Baskets for parking area


gabion retaining wall Chris Ryall

Andy Beard

Gabion Planter for Vegetable bed or Flower Bed

on Thursday, 25 February 2016. Posted in Gabion

Gabions can be cut down to 225 or 300mm to make the ideal long lasting vegetable bed. The benefits of a gabion planter are:

They are porous. If lined with a weed membrane you can control water retention without it becoming saturated.

You can choose decorative infills for your gabion planter.

Long lifespan of 60 years.

You can dissasemble 1 gabion basket to gain easy access if replacing the soil is necessary in your gabion planter.






Gabion pond

on Wednesday, 20 September 2017. Posted in Gabion

Gabion pond and drive way

Beautiful pond and driveway made using gabion baskets. Immaculately planted and filled using local stone. Installed by Rhino Construction 07932753328 install in the Surrey area.





Garden project reclaiming lawn and elegantly restraining small river

on Tuesday, 14 October 2014. Posted in Gabion

Garden project reclaiming lawn and elegantly restraining small river.




How to install Soffit Mesh

on Monday, 18 November 2019. Posted in welded mesh

How to Install Soffit mesh between a Fascia and Brickwork.

Building regs dictate that a gap is left between the fascia and the brickwork. This allows an easy entry point for birds, rodents, bees and other insects.

Soffit mesh is easy to install and solve this problem quickly. Its a simple job but you must make sure to wear gloves (its very sharp) and also provide an appropriate access solution ideally scaffolding.

You should choose a roll of soffit mesh around twice the width of the aperture you are filling. If its narrower than that choose the minimum roll width of 75mm.

Take the roll and cut of the length required or a manageable length (it can be overlapped). You can cut the mesh with a decent set of household scissors. Fold it slightly down the middle to give it a slight curve. You can then push it into the gap, the curve will spring open and grip into place. Although in most instances it will be fairly secure its best to put a fixing where you can, (see example below of a screw into a joist.)

For ends and gaps you can fold the mesh and wedge it into place. If you don't get the shape correct first time just add another piece.

Example below where a blue tit was nesting and ripping out insulation. You can see the insulation pieces falling out




Example fixing into a joist.



For narrow gaps to stop Bees and insects fold the mesh tightly and use a flat headed screwdriver between the mesh to push it into place.



For ends fold extra pieces and wedge into place. You can use more than one piece if required.


Make sure you get all the gaps.






Intermediate chicken run for free ranging birds

on Monday, 13 January 2014. Posted in fencing system, Animal Cage

This is an example of an intermediate cage for free ranging birds. As its for domectic laying birds a a 2 inch green mesh has been used. If the cage was to be permanent or for chicks a smaller mesh should be used. The chicken mesh cage offers the birds a safety area for feeding and drinking and an area where the birds can be left to range when the owners are away.

The cage is on a sloped area so a 6ft high roll of mesh has been used cut on an angle to 5ft. 5ft is the minimum height cage used to deter foxes. This has meant 6ft and 5ft posts have been used for an earth screw fencing system.





 Andy Beard

Jewellery centre cage

on Friday, 16 September 2016. Posted in Security cages

Installation of a large cage for jewellrey and high value goods. Cage size 16ft x 30ft requiring support posts for roof.


We can work around existing services and pillars so no space is wasted.


100mm box section posts are used for roof supports that are bolted to the ground.


The nuts that bolt the cages together are hidden within the framework.


All our installers have CSCS certificates wear the appropriate PPP and have devices on site to minimise overhead lifting.



Lake and resevoir created using gabion baskets.

on Friday, 29 August 2014. Posted in Gabion

Lake and resevoir created using 5mm gabion baskets







The above shows using hand laying partitions so a cheaper stone fill can be used behind



Marshalls Chelsea Flower show

on Friday, 28 June 2019. Posted in Gabion

Marshall's display at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019, Using narrow 5mm gabion baskets with large cobble infill.





IMG 20190514 105141926

IMG 20190514 105148863

MOD cages

on Wednesday, 05 June 2013. Posted in Security cages

This example shows what we can produce. This job was designed measured up and completed in 4 weeks. To keep the panels strong all the cut outs are framed. This involves our team accurately measuring the site and producing the panels to suit before the security cages are installed

cutom-cage-before custom-cage-after
custom-security-cage cage-cut-out-around-pipework
security-cage-electric-cabling lockable-cage-cut-out
lockable-security-cage security-cage-double-door
Andy Beard

Mr Gleaves' Planted garden retaining wall

on Wednesday, 20 March 2013. Posted in Gabion

retaining walls

'We used Fine Mesh to supply us with Gabion baskets to create a more decorative level change at the back of our development at Barn Lane, Golborne. I truly believe that it has enhanced the aesthetics and as the planting grows will look like the rock garden we intended. The product from Fine Mesh was easy to use and delivered efficiently.'retaining wall blocks

Andy Beard

Mrs Baggs' Cat Run

on Wednesday, 20 March 2013. Posted in cat run, Animal Cage

outdoor cat run

We are so glad we found you and thank you for our cat run. We are very impressed by your product and service.We needed a safe, secure area for our cats to run in but we also wanted to share their space too. With your help and knowledge we managed to enclose part of our garden and patio area (16’x12’x8') with only one central roof support. A cat flap gives our cats the independence to come and go as they wish within a safe, secure haven and at 8 feet high, we do not feel caged in. The panels and fixings are strong, robust and the run is certainly not going anywhere. Your product was so easy to use that we put it up in a weekend. Thank you again, Mrs Baggs, Headcorn, Kent.

large cat run

Andy Beard

New Stanford college animal cages

on Wednesday, 20 March 2013. Posted in aviary

parrot cage with welded mesh sheetslarge outdoor parrot cage

I am a Senior Animal Technician at New College Stamford and I am always on the look out for bigger and better designs for animal enclosures to met the animals welfare needs.  I had an ideas what I wanted but didn't know how to get it.  I stumbled across Fine Mesh Metals on one of my searches and contacted them immediately.  By the end of the day they had responded, not only could they met my requirements they offered advice on the design.  It was a short delivery time and so easy to install. Both enclosures are robust enough to withstand the beaks of  parrots and the climbing ability of the ferrets, having different gauges of mesh prevents escapees!  The safety porch can be moved to various positions to accommodate our 'human' requirements.  The panels can be easily repositions to create a new floor layout  area or free standing enclosure to enrich the animals lives further.  The animals now use this part of their enclosures so much that we have decided to extend it further. Our Animal course is constantly expanding so having something that is easily movable saves on the cost of building a fixed enclosure giving us more variety and flexibility. Next animal to get a revamp on his enclosure .....The iguana and maybe some tunnels for the meerkats!  I will be using Fine Mesh Metals again for sure. 

animal cage designanimal cage design image 2

large ferret cage

Andy Beard

Paul Middleton's owl aviary

on Wednesday, 20 March 2013. Posted in welded mesh

 owl aviary

When I bought my owl, I didn't want just a run of the mill aviary like a lot of people have such as an old shed with a bit of chicken wire in place of the window.  I wanted an aviary that was a piece of the house, something to look at and admire and somewhere where my owl would be comfortable and safe. Most people have chain link on their aviaries and I nearly had the same too until I found the square mesh and I'm glad I did, it looks absolutely superb and I couldn't have found anything better.  It has the security of the chain link but much better aesthetics.  I get comments about the aviary as much as I get about the beauty of my owl.


Andy Beard

Projects by Barr Joinery

on Friday, 05 October 2018. Posted in decorative mesh

Barr Joinery.

Designers and manufacturers of bespoke internal & external joinery based in Thame, Oxfordshire. BarrJoinery believe in design led perfection. Working closely with design houses and independent designers they are able to translate any concept into reality. Through seeking out partners with shared values and a passion for ‘doing things differently, any vision can be realised.

Contact details:

01844 217706








Raised Vegetable bed and Fencing

on Tuesday, 25 June 2019. Posted in welded mesh

An enchanting example of a vegetable garden and fencing using Weld Mesh.











Rays terraced garden using gabions

on Monday, 29 September 2014. Posted in Gabion







A couple of years ago I purchased the small bungalow.
Part of the garden a 3:1 slope I considered unusable/unsafe.
Unfortunately one had to cross the 12m slope to reach decking with views of the sea.

At 68, & just retired I decided to terrace the the slope for ease of access to the decking.

Gabions appeared to be a good idea.

20 ton of stone later, plus many 25 kl gravel bags, sand, cement, & paving slabs lifted up a steep drive, thence 22 steps to the slope the job was completed.
A friend assisted me with the first 6 ton of 100/250m stone other than that I completed the task alone.

You may be able to imagine lifting 20 ton of stone from the drive in two plastic buckets - soul destroying LOL.

The gabions were laid on 100 to 150mm depth of 10/20mm gravel.

Tools used.
Various spades, various picks. sawyer, wire cutters, string, bubble levels, plastic buckets, marking material.

Gabions are fine, but the site should be close to material delivery point.
Good wire cutters, work gloves, & boots are essential.
Like any other building work time setting out/levelling is the mot important part of the exercise.
On cannot just dump stone in the baskets, each facing tone has to be set.
Basket bracing is essential.
Only good comments from neighbours.
A way to lose weight, in the open air..
The slope is approx 12 x12m.

1. Thanks to Steve at Glendinning Ltd., Marldon who arranged for 1.5 tons of stone to be delivered at irreguar intevals in a wagon small enough to squeeze into my drive.
2. This month because of the quality of the gabion baskets I have ordered more from Fine Mesh Metals to complet my garden project.


Regency Diamond Nickel Grilles used for cupboard inserts in high end kitchen.

on Monday, 08 May 2017. Posted in decorative mesh

Heritage luxury builders are US designers and installers of high end bespoke kitchens.

Below are examples of their projects. Regency Diamond grilles (54mm alt plain Nickel coated grilles with a fine mesh backing) have been used for the kitchen cabinet inserts. Allowing diffused visability to the plates behind.




Renovating a large Manor House

on Friday, 24 April 2015. Posted in decorative mesh

Renovating a large manor house Radiator cover infills are 19mm double square stainless steel.







Retained Slope soakaway and water treatment plant using reclaimed concrete stone from driveway

on Monday, 27 April 2015. Posted in Gabion

This project involved levelling a sloped garden in a clay area with poor drainage. Within this area a new water treatment plant and soakaway was put in. The owner also wanted to replace a poorly installed cracked concrete drive with gravel. The stone from the concrete drive was smashed up and used as the infill for the basket. As the baskets were not on show the entire basket could be filled with this stone. The brand of water treatment plant allowed discharge directly to a waterway so plastic soakaway crates were allowed to be used to create a new soakaway. Terram was used on top of the baskets with a wooden sleeper on the edge retain 100mm height of soil. The terram behind the basket is semi porous and ontop of the basket impervious to stop the grass drying out.









Sculpture using chicken mesh

on Friday, 22 March 2013. Posted in chicken wire

chicken wire lion

An example of an incredible sculpture using chicken mesh.

chicken mesh lion

Andy Beard

Slipping burn endagering property

on Thursday, 19 May 2016. Posted in Gabion

A burn had eroded the ground away and the banking was slipping away in slices and endangering the property. We detailed to client what we would do to stop the slippage with gabion baskets. Our client is a great gardener and wanted something that would work with the old property. Since photos were taken the burn has been in full spate with the winter rain we get here in the west of Scotland and no further slippage! We have now installed handrails down the steps and owner has started planting in the gabions. Happy client.




Timber Framed Dog Run Structure with mesh panel infill

on Wednesday, 22 April 2015. Posted in dog runs, Animal Cage

Timber framed Lean to, with Dog run panel mesh inserts.




on Monday, 01 July 2019. Posted in Gabion

Deans Dividing Gabion pillar fence with timber panel. The Gabion pillars are supported by scaffolding concreted into the ground.IMG 20180820 125235533

IMG 20180820 125235533

IMG 20190404 164720247

IMG 20190424 105624624

IMG 20190428 160532411



IMG 20190605 134005627

IMG 20190530 112616808

Tv components hidden behind industrial mesh, with industrial pendant backlight

on Monday, 17 October 2016. Posted in decorative mesh

Tv components hidden behind industrial mesh, with industrial pendant backlight.

tv components hidden by mesh grille

industrial mesh with oversize lightbulb behing


Matching radiator grille. 10 x 10 x 4mm reeded wire diamond with a bma finish.


Twycross zoo, gabion baskets

on Friday, 22 March 2013. Posted in Gabion

retaining wall for zoo

These are gabion baskets installed by Rock and Water for a project at Twycross zoo.

gabions for zooperimeter gabion wallangled gabion wallbuffalo in front of gabion baskets

Andy Beard

Wild Roof Gabion Bench and Gabion Steps

on Wednesday, 20 March 2013. Posted in Gabion

 Gabion steps

Image of wall – client wanted a very contemporary look to a small back garden space – gabion baskets and white cobbles gave just the right look. Image of seat – client wanted an unusual seat for a front garden space to sit and read books. Gabion baskets were the answer.

Gabion seat

Contractor Wild roof: We cover most of Cumbria and build mid to high end gardens. We are Association of Professional Landscapers members and Trustmark approved. Our website is

Andy Beard

WW1 trenches re-enactment used as teaching and learning resources

on Wednesday, 13 August 2014. Posted in Gabion

Haileybury College in Hertfordshire wished to create a "trench trail" for their students and to share with schools in the area to come and learn about the First World War. Through the Trenches for Teachers project, historian Andy Robertshaw helped bring history alive to include a reproduction trench system complete with two fire steps, a dug out and first aid post along with the supply of reproduction items and teaching pack to enable students to interpret and experience elements of the conflict and life as a British soldier.

The frame work for the structure is made using custom made gabion baskets in 3mm wire.

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