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Rays terraced garden using gabions

on Monday, 29 September 2014. Posted in Gabion







A couple of years ago I purchased the small bungalow.
Part of the garden a 3:1 slope I considered unusable/unsafe.
Unfortunately one had to cross the 12m slope to reach decking with views of the sea.

At 68, & just retired I decided to terrace the the slope for ease of access to the decking.

Gabions appeared to be a good idea.

20 ton of stone later, plus many 25 kl gravel bags, sand, cement, & paving slabs lifted up a steep drive, thence 22 steps to the slope the job was completed.
A friend assisted me with the first 6 ton of 100/250m stone other than that I completed the task alone.

You may be able to imagine lifting 20 ton of stone from the drive in two plastic buckets - soul destroying LOL.

The gabions were laid on 100 to 150mm depth of 10/20mm gravel.

Tools used.
Various spades, various picks. sawyer, wire cutters, string, bubble levels, plastic buckets, marking material.

Gabions are fine, but the site should be close to material delivery point.
Good wire cutters, work gloves, & boots are essential.
Like any other building work time setting out/levelling is the mot important part of the exercise.
On cannot just dump stone in the baskets, each facing tone has to be set.
Basket bracing is essential.
Only good comments from neighbours.
A way to lose weight, in the open air..
The slope is approx 12 x12m.

1. Thanks to Steve at Glendinning Ltd., Marldon who arranged for 1.5 tons of stone to be delivered at irreguar intevals in a wagon small enough to squeeze into my drive.
2. This month because of the quality of the gabion baskets I have ordered more from Fine Mesh Metals to complet my garden project.


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