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Gabion Baskets we've seen in use.

on Friday, 22 March 2013. Posted in Gabion

coastal gabion wall

Gabions used around a car park filled with limestone. Its normally recommended that a pvc coating is used in the environment as salt spray can dramatically reduce the lifespan.

curved coastal gabion

gabion bank

A Gabion mattress is used to keep an embankment tidy.

freestanding gabion wall

A freestanding gabion wall using as the perimeter fence of an apartment block. Normally a 4mm wire gabion basket is used for architectural uses to give a very straight finish. Posts are used within the basket to give support as the baskets are less deep than recommended.

gabion bench

Gabions are used by garden designers to make Benches, as they are heavy they give very good support.

gabion baskets with helicoils

Curved gabion wall for supermarket forecourt

gabion revetment

Gabion revetment with wooden fence on top, the wooden posts sit within the baskets.

roadside gabions

Roadside gabions. If you look by the side of the road you will see gabions everywhere. They have a lifespan of 60 years and don't fail like concrete walls when water builds up behind. They are also considerably cheaper than standard block retaining walls.

gabion circular design image

This is an example of a gabion made by just using the panels and making to shape on site. This is best done by cutting the mesh around a template and spot welding a wire on to the edge. The weld points can be treated with a galfroid spray to stop rust and tidy up discolouring.

sea front gabion use image

Sea front gabion wall. Its normal to use a pvc gabion basket. In the scenario a 4mm wire has been used as a galvanised finish was prefered for aesthestics.

vegetation gabion ideas image

You can plant the baskets with plants and vegetation that can survive in dry situations with limited soil.

fence posts placed in gabions

Fence post can be put within the gabion basket coming out the top. Put the bottom of the post within the basket then fill around it with stone. The stone in the basket works as the support for the posts.



Gabion baskets at Chelsea flower show. The custom made curve was made on site using a spot welder.


Andy Beard
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