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Retained Slope soakaway and water treatment plant using reclaimed concrete stone from driveway

on Monday, 27 April 2015. Posted in Gabion

This project involved levelling a sloped garden in a clay area with poor drainage. Within this area a new water treatment plant and soakaway was put in. The owner also wanted to replace a poorly installed cracked concrete drive with gravel. The stone from the concrete drive was smashed up and used as the infill for the basket. As the baskets were not on show the entire basket could be filled with this stone. The brand of water treatment plant allowed discharge directly to a waterway so plastic soakaway crates were allowed to be used to create a new soakaway. Terram was used on top of the baskets with a wooden sleeper on the edge retain 100mm height of soil. The terram behind the basket is semi porous and ontop of the basket impervious to stop the grass drying out.









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