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Chris' gabion Seating and Firepit, using sleepers for tops.

on Friday, 01 May 2020. Posted in Gabion

An example of Gabion Seating around a firepit in a country setting.

The Gabions are in 4mm, cut down to 381mm high. They had to be shorter due to the thickness of the sleepers. The Sleepers were clamped down by fixing a piece of timber under the lid, at either edge of the basket, upwards to the sleeper.

The gabion basket under the table  was 457mm high again with 100mm sleepers on top.  The sleepers are separated by 8mm to stop water pooling in the surface.


To prepare the sleepers, they were sanded with 36 grit then 60 grit before finishing with 3 coats of Osmo Decking Oil.








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