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Please call us for advice, to get prices over the phone or to place an order. A member of our sales team will be happy to take your call (01902 810 310)

The calculator prices to the nearest full load. If you require a part load please contact us on 01902 810 310 or use the form below and we will price your enquiry.

Price stone for your Gabion wall


We need your full post code to determine which stone types are available in your area.

Stone needs to be 100-200mm, if you can provide your postcode, the volume of stone required (Our website can work this out for you) and advise us of any delivery restrictions we will be back to you same day with a Quotation. The stone is delivered separately from the gabion baskets which are manufactured in house. Orders for stone will be treated as a separate transaction to any gabion baskets order.

-       Choosing the correct stone is very important as gabions are a mass retaining system. 100 – 200mm angular stone is advised. The quarried stone we offer is recommended as it is normally angular and comes with the best interlocking characteristics.

-       The stone fill should be in accordance with the engineers specification and needs to be a hard and durable material. The gabion/mattress fill should be not less than 100mm


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