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Using Gabion Baskets In Your Garden

on Wednesday, 16 December 2015. Posted in Gabion

Landscaping With Gabion Baskets

Gabion baskets are wire baskets which are traditionally filled with stones and gravel, to be used in construction and civil engineering, as they make strong building blocks for outdoor structures. Especially walls or embankments, gabion baskets are a useful way of constructing walls that are resistant to erosion.


However, people have started becoming creative with how they use their gabions and the results have been fantastic. We have seen our customers using their gabions to build planters, benches, driveways and even water features!


Also, people have been more picky with what they fill their gabion baskets with, opting for different materials that inject light and colour into their gardens. One of our customers filled their baskets with bright, bone white cobblestones that gives the garden a modern, contemporary look.


At Fine Mesh, we simply love seeing how our customers have creatively used our products and the end results are fantastic. Here are some of the top creative use of Gabion Baskets.


Retaining Wall & Planter

One of our clients built this beautiful steps made of retaining walls which also left space for planters. As flowers and bushes are planted and bloom, it will give the retaining wall a rock garden feel over the years and really transform the garden. The use of grey stones gives a more traditional, gothic aesthetic to the garden, giving it charm and character.


Parking Space

One of our customers used to have an ugly front garden with a slope that dropped into his front door. With some creative thinking and some gabion baskets, he’s managed to transform this front garden completely.  He built an elevated wall which he can safely park his car on without the fear of subsidence and is pleasing to the eye. The choice of red, brick coloured stones, really breathes a warm, homely feel. Just what you want to come home to at the end of the day.  



This could be one of my favourite pieces. With a small garden, the landscapers were given the brief of creating a stunning, contemporary feel to this garden and they’ve done a fantastic job. Besides building a gabion basket wall with stunning white cobbles, injecting light into the small garden, they went the extra mile and built this beautiful bench using two gabion basket as the base.

Feeling inspired? Have a look at our range of gabion basket and see what you can create.

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